Do you think zombie apocalypse will happen soon? or are you ready for it? because there is a perfect solution to find out answers for all this questions, but on an entertaining way, the name of it is Earn To Die. When this massacre will be come at your doorstep, your main option to survive will be a good car, and your driving skills have to be good enough too for this moment.

So on this site, you have an opportunity to prepare yourself for everything like that. The reason of that is so cool. Not Doppler developers have made a whole new game about a zombie apocalypse, which has an amazing storyline and gameplay, so check it out on this site for free.

Earn to die is a whole new world of gaming, because it is a mix of two best genres in the world, because it has a best gameplay for the survival game and also creators has made a new survival genre style engine for this awesome game. In my own opinion, this game has the most breathtaking and interesting scenario and it will definitely amaze you. You can feel an adrenaline in your veins with driving a fastest racing cars in hot desert and meanwhile get a pleasure by shooting zombies in the head.

The Main idea of the Game

Not Doppler developers always creating a magnificent and most extraordinary story for their games and of course they write an interesting story for this amazing game too. This spectacular game scenario takes place at the most dangerous place in the world and you have to play in the hot desert in Texas. Earn to die are telling you story about one brave soldier, who is stuck in the middle of the zombie army and needs to cross the whole desert to fly by helicopter in the Oregon military base.

Your main character needs to find a car and this is the first you have to do in this game. At the beginning, you have a majestic garage, where you can find a only broken cars, but there are vehicle parts and military equipment too, so you can update engine of the cars, and also make cars more cool by putting a machine gun on top or chainsaw. But, this is not everything, the game developers have put a lot of effort to make game more realistic and they add a freshly released zombie models in it, so your main mission is to get in the safety place by going through a zombie army.

The controls in this game are so important. You need to use Arrow keys to drive your car.

  • To rush, you need to press Up Arrow key
  • The Left and Right Arrow keys are to tilt your car and this will help you a lot while driving.
  • To use a boost, press X

The Gameplay and Graphics

Earn to die has astonishing gameplay and it will definitely give you joy while playing. The main mission in this game is to update your car to cover more distance on the road with it. So, you have a better engine, bigger super wheels and also a rocket boost for you car. But, this is not everything, you can buy a deadly toys for your vehicle, like a machine gun and a chainsaw. So, make your car a destroying machine and save yourself from monster army.

The graphics in this game are so stunning and help you to stay motivated while playing. Every detail of the map for your journey is so wonderful and creators has developed a modern style texture for each car. Because of that, this game's environment is so realistic and helps you to feel the situation and its intensive actions entirely. So, update your car with beautiful details and kill zombies. Good luck.