Survival games are always fun and full of entertaining things. They give us perfect opportunity to relax and found time for ourselves. So, I have an awesome news for you. There is the new version of the most amazing survival game and it's away better than previous one. I am talking about Earn to Die part 2.

This game has everything to provide you amusement and enjoyment, but meanwhile gives you hard missions to do. The previous version of the game had already been an amazing sensation in the genre and many gamers were in love with earn to die. But developers have made a whole new better and advanced second version and you can play it here for free.

Earn To Die 3

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Dead Zed 2

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Enjoy strike force heroes 2

Enjoy strike force heroes 2

Few words about the controls of the game

You need to use Arrow Keys for driving.
For rush, press Up Arrow Key and for tilt your car, use Left and Right Arrow Keys.
To use a bust, push X, but be careful while using it and look dashboard.

Earn to Die part 2 will definitely give you awesome feelings and also train you for the zombie apocalypse. Because you have to be ready and prepared to save a humankind. This game is full of new cool toys for you, like a huge colossal chainsaws and deadly rifles, also there are no bugs any more. You have multiple plot twists to play. This second version has a whole new storyline, you will be surprised at the start of the first mission and I am sure you will get addicted to the game.

Idea Of Earn To Die Part 2

Earn to Die part 2 are telling you story about what will be happening, when zombie army attack humankind and invades every city and desert. Also, scenario of the game is a prolong continuation and extension of the first game's storyline. But here you are in more dangerous and hostile situations. Reason of this is: Your character is getting deeper into zombie army, Oregon base getting more and more closer, because of that, there are more zombies and surface is more difficult to going through. So, you need to be mobilized and careful, in other case, your car will be exploded into a deep canyon.

The storyline of the new version takes place in the middle of desert. You are a brave soldier, who is last man alive of his division and you need to cross the deadly desert to get to safety zone in Oregon base. But, your helicopter is out of gas and you need to find another transport. There is only one garage with bad cars, but there are also awesome equipment to update the cars, for this you need to play hard and unlock that appliance for your ride. To get coins, you need to ride further and further in every round and kill zombies on your way. So enjoy.

The game with awesome Graphics

Earn to Die part 2 is a new word in flash gaming industry. It's mixture and compound of two genres. Because of that, this game has amazing gameplay. At the beginning, you start your journey with a bad car, but every round will give you cash and that helps you to buy new details for your vehicle. like - new engines and wheels. Therefore, play harder and your road will be full of entertaining.

The graphics in this game are particular and beautiful, because entire set of graphics are made of modern texture and every detail is so realistic. Even blood drops on your chainsaw are so pragmatic. Also, the voices in this game is another big plus, because there are multiple sounds of every aspect, like a zombie screams and shooting. The game has an awesome soundtrack too, which gives you motivation to play harder, so enjoy with this cool flash game.