I am so happy to give you the possibility to play the latest version of Earn to die game. Earn to die part 2 is a continuation of the Earn to die games saga. It already has a thousands of players who enjoy with killing zombies, as t was in the previous versions. I had played earn to die 2 before the new version was realized and new has a lot of opportunities and new graphic motions.I am a big fan of the part 2. because this version has much more features and details to install. Also there are new cars, which have more strength and can kill more zombies than the old version cars could.

The main goal of course is the same. You should choose one of the cars, at first you can choose only a small car, after some tries you will get money to add to the car new features, also fill the tank with fuel. It gives an opportunity to kill more zombies, than you could before. When you gather enough money for buying new type of cars, you can do it and improve your chances to achieve your aim, kill all zombies, go through all levels and finish the game.

Earn To Die

Earn To Die part 2

Enjoy strike force heroes 2

Enjoy strike force heroes 2

As I mentioned above, Earn to die part 2 is the newest and in my opinion the best version of the earn to die game. So let’s start the game, do your best, buy new cars, install awesome features and destroy hordes of the zombies.

Come on guys and good luck.